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Meet The Master

Jag is a renowned professional hypnotist, comedy stage entertainer and keynote speaker. He is an entrepreneur with three successful businesses, ranging from financial services to real estate investing
to hypnosis and entertainment.

As the Master of Mesmerism, Jag uses his charm and wit to amaze and astound his audience. Offstage, Jag has improved the lives of countless clients by using hypnosis to triumph over mental obstacles, phobias, and behaviors. Jag strives to help others understand the true power of hypnosis and self-improvement.


The Real Deal

Jag is an expert in the art and science of stage hypnosis. He has entertained thousands of all ages. He chooses to focus a large part of his efforts on comedy hypnosis because he feels it is a marvelous introduction into the world of therapeutic hypnosis. The Master of Mesmerism gives audiences a fascinating, laugh out loud, warm and entertaining portal to hypnosis. After that, they become curious as to what the mind can accomplish.


The Journey

Hypnosis, whether for clinical purposes or pure entertainment,
is a journey we go on together.  

The Master of Mesmerism constantly re-frames the entertaining aspects of hypnosis back to the compelling thought that "Reality isn't real, it is what your subconscious mind has locked away, which allows us to re-frame and change old behaviors, thoughts, and feelings to new, positive, healthy realities."

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Master of Mesmerism

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"If you're looking for someone to be the life of your next party, look no further than the Master of Mesmerism. So many of my guests were laughing and crying, sometimes both at the same time!"


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"Jag knows how to get into the headspace of the audience. He gave an enthralling performance from start to finish."


Great America Parks

"I've already recommended the Master of Mesmerism to all my friends. He was so lovely and professional. I can't wait to work with him again!"